Frequently Asked Questions



Q: To which states are you currently able to ship beer to my home?     
A: We can currently ship legally to residential addresses in NYS, PA and Wash. D.C.  Check back often for new added states!


Q: I want beer shipped to my home, how does it work?
A: First, confirm you are over the age of 21, then add beer from our “Shop” to your cart.  Currently we can ship up to a full case (6x 4-packs) in one box.  Anything more than that will need to ship as a second order and additional shipping charge.  Merchandise and apparel can go in the same box as beer, so feel free to mix and match, or send a nice gift box to a loved one or friend.  Orders will usually ship the same day if ordered by 3pm, and orders received after 2pm on Fridays will be processed on Monday morning.  Ship times differ, but in general Long Island and most NYC addresses will get their order the next day after UPS has scanned it into their system.  Upstate NY will take 2-3days, PA and Wash. D.C. should also only take 2-4 days to receive your delivery.  After the order has been received, you will get an order confirmation email.  Once a shipping label has been created, you will get an email with tracking info.  This will be the best indicator of when your shipment will arrive.  An adult over the age of 21 will have to be present at the time of delivery.  UPS will make up to 3 attempts to deliver before they will leave a note and hold the package at their local facility for pickup.   If the person who placed and paid for the actual order is found to be under 21 years of age, the delivery will be cancelled and returned to Barrier Brewing Co. without a refund.


Q: Can I send beer to a friend or relative?
A: Absolutely, as long as they are in one of our ship to states (NY, PA, Wash D.C.), and are aware that someone over 21 must be present and sign for the delivery.


Q: Why does the shipping cost seem so high?
A: UPS is taking on an additional risk and responsibility to check ID’s at the time of delivery.  Because of this, there is an Adult Signature Required sticker on every beer shipment, along with associated fees.  There is also a base rate, residential surcharge,  and gas surcharge; which has gone way up lately.  Hopefully as things calm down, our customers will see reduced rates as well.  We have done our best to get our customers the best negotiated rates available.  In general, adding more items to your cart will only slightly increase the shipping charge, so the more you buy the more economical it becomes.


Q: What if my items arrive damaged/leaking?
A: Damaged/leaking beer cans will be replaced at no charge to the customer, provided they have sent us photos of the unopened(cans that have been opened cannot receive a replacement) cans and packaging within 5 days of receiving their order.  We file a claim with UPS on our end, but we will try to get you a replacement as soon as possible.  Merchandise and apparel must also be opened and examined within 5 days of delivery.  If it is found to have been faulty or damaged during shipping, it will be replaced at no charge.